Easy organisation for your exercises and missions

More time for the important things, with the clever scheduling app for your fire brigade

Löschmeister Apps


You know the problem: an exercise or a mission is coming up and you have no idea what the crew will look like. The many notifications in the WhatsApp group annoy all the comrades and it often takes days until all the phone calls asking “Are you going to be there on Saturday?” are answered.

Organise less - practise more!

Imagine creating a new appointment in less than a minute and with just one click all invited comrades can accept or cancel. Immediately they have a simple overview of all upcoming exercises and missions. The planning effort is minimised and you can devote yourself to the essential things!

From practice, for practice!

Löschmeister was developed precisely for this purpose. The team behind it knows the challenges of exercise planning very well and has set itself the goal of simplifying the organisation of joint activities. Löschmeister supports you with many helpful features to make every exercise a success!

Appointment overview

All appointments at a glance

  • Your personal exercise plan - always with you
  • Simple reply with one click
  • Synchronisation to your private calendar
  • Immediate notification of new or changed appointments
Replies on appointments

All replies available at any time

  • Realtime overview of attendances
  • Set deadlines for replies
  • Send reminders for replies
  • Get notifications about cancellations
Appointment creation

Create appointments with one click

  • All important information in one place
  • Manage fire drills
  • Configure recurring appointments
  • Notifications via Push, E-Mail, SMS

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Appointment pin board

Communication where you need it

  • Clarify questions regarding the appointment in a fast and simple way
  • Comments on replies
  • Manage attendance lists
  • Send messages with attachments
  • Answer to messages

Conduct Polls

  • Survey comrades on various topics
  • Create polls quickly and easily
  • Use flexible poll types
  • Smart evaluation of the answers
Fire brigade management

Your fire brigade fully in control

  • Fire brigade and unit management with flexible roles
  • Manage leaders and secretaries of units
  • Inviting comrades to the fire brigade
  • Create and export attendance statistics
  • Online storage and file management